Thursday, August 25, 2011

Revit OpEd: FARO Point Cloud Indexing

Great link to Steve Stafford's blog on integrating FARO data with Autodesk products. Seems there is a bit of an issue with indexing certain file formats. Pertains to some upcoming work I will be scanning with a FARO.

Revit OpEd: FARO Point Cloud Indexing: Note to self: Remember to install the 32bit version of the FARO SDK (software developer kit) so that indexing a .fls point cloud source file...


KeithPLC said...

I just installed Navisworks Simulate 2013 that says it has .fls and .fws capabilities. Like 2012, if I open a raw scan file, it comes in upside down and the mouse controls are all wrong.
Is there something I should be doing in either Faro Scene or something in Navisworks?

misu said...

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