Friday, October 26, 2012

Future BIM - 2017

Where will BIM processes and tools take us in five years? I've found this question quite perplexing  - I never knew where I would be today if asked this question 5 years ago. This article on the NBS website attempts to predict BIM in 2017 by journaling a meeting of the UK's BIM leaders.

The round table discussed the biggest roadblock on the path to Industry adoption of BIM which seems to be the lack of design models from the entire design team:

"Why is this? One factor may be traditional working practices such as double handling the model creation between architect or engineer and a “BIM draughtsman” which adds to the designers costs. Designers should be working smarter to offering BIM as an inherent part of their service to add value and quality, not as an extra."

In summary the participants agree that:

There was consensus that the UK Government mandate for public sector projects has created a significant impetus for adoption across the whole industry which now seems to have acknowledged that BIM is here to stay and will have a positive impact. At the same time there was recognition that the several centres of excellence which have emerged in industry are outweighed by a multitude of organisations who are still at the very early stages of adoption.

The thought from the round-table that best describes the state of VDC and BIM:

“In five years time, perhaps the industry will be doing what we think we’re doing now?”


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